Sunday, July 29, 2012

Today: homemade baby food

I know this isn't crochet related but I found this cool way of making/storing baby food on Pinterest and thought I'd post it for any mommies out there.

I chose to make carrots and broccoli today (the broccoli is still in the process of steaming) I also chose to steam my veggies in order to keep in as many nutrients as possible.

When the carrots were fork tender, I mashed them with a fork to about the consistency of stage 3 store bought baby food. If you're making stage 1or 2 baby food it's easiest to use a food processor or emulsifier. I used the water left in the pot (that's adhere the nutrients are) from steaming to thin out the mash a little bit.

Pour your mixture into an ice tray and toss them on the freezer for a couple hours or until you're able to pop the cubes from the tray easily.

You can then store the little baby food cubes in a freezer baggie or tupperware container.

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